Leasing a Subaru is like Owning a Subaru.
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There Are Plenty of Benefits to Leasing a Subaru Model

In search for your next car, you're likely to find Subaru's pronounced all-weather resilient, ample-bodied and long-lasting models appealing. Residual value separates the Japanese manufacturer from others like it; and Subaru's pledge to provide quality investments doesn't end once you've elected to accessorize your life with the cavernous, family-friendly Subaru Forester or spunky, rally-ready Subaru WRX but instead journeys into financing where you have access to competitive leasing programs.

Own a Vehicle That's Yours

Leasing isn't usually the first financial route prospective car buyers consider taking; after all, most want to own a vehicle that's 100-percent theirs, to do with it what they wish. However, buying a Subaru means you're missing out on unique benefits only its leasing plan can offer. Irresistible especially to those on a tight budget, leasing is something you might want to consider once you've stumbled upon your desired Subaru. Let us explain:

  • Lower Payments: Other automakers may provide lower lease payments than Subaru, but Subaru provides more "bang for your buck". You get to explore higher trims and more features that you may have been unable to afford with a loan. You benefit from agreeable payments on impressive, high-end driving pursuits.
  • Frequently Driving a New Car: When you lease, you are only driving that Subaru model for a few years, meaning--should you continue to lease--you get to experience a new car every three years or so.
  • Minimize Repair Costs: Since you are driving a Subaru model for its first few years, most of your repairs are covered by its factory warranties.
  • Lease Loyalty Program: For current lessees, first payment and disposition fee waivers are provided for their next Subaru lease
  • Lease-End Options Subaru provides a number of opportunities to buy, lease or trade at the final close of a lease.
  • Extended Mileage: Subaru ensures you don't feel restrained by mileage. Not only can you drive upwards of 12,000 miles a year but going over your limit is rather inexpensive. Unless you are planning to travel across the country several times over, 12,000 miles is really all you need each year.

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Subaru erases lease misconceptions and provides you a leased ride that caters to your needs as any loaned ride would. Simply, there are plenty of reasons to consider leasing over financing, but should you still be wary, we at Schaller Subaru are prepared to help. Have our financing associates go into more depth about what leasing can do for you or explore our current Subaru lease incentives to see what unique savings you might acquire. Have us prove why leasing is the best way to get you behind the wheel and off exploring the greater Hartford, Berlin, Vernon, Wallingford, Watertown, and Canton region without reservations today.