Have Lease Questions? Keep Reading

Your first financial instinct when in search for a new car is to buy, but a lot of that has to do with a general misunderstanding of what a lease provides. Leasing doesn't have to be complicated; you can reap its various financial benefits with our help. At Schaller Subaru, we have the answers to your Subaru leasing questions, so before you think loaning or buying outright is the only way you can comfortably get behind the wheel, have us provide a firmer idea of what a Subaru lease is all about.

How do I manage my account?

Subaru Motors Finance works with Chase Online to provide you access to your auto lease account at anytime.  Make a payment, set up account alerts, view account activity, request your lease purchase balance, or opt to go paperless--all can be done right online; and to keep up with your busty lifestyle, you can get the free Chase mobile app and access your account on the go.

How do I pay my bills?

Subaru provides you with choices. Pay by mall, at a Chase Branch, through the Chase Paymatic Program, or over the phone; with so many choices, you won't have a hard time getting in your check before its due date.

What happens if I get into an accident?

Accidents happen, and Subaru understands that. Fortunately, Subaru makes it easily to care for whatever chaos you've stumbled upon on the road. Just notify us and your insurance company right when it happens, and if your Subaru isn't totaled and your insurance sends you a check for repairs, give Subaru Motors Finance a call at 1-800-544-1941 to see what type of document you may need to send them.

Want to end your lease before its final due date?

You may end a lease at any time before its scheduled end of the lease term. You can either return or purchase your vehicle, just know you may owe an early termination liability; if you are considering purchasing, you can call Subaru Motors at 1-866-401-9743 to go over a purchase quote.  

What happens at the end of my lease?

Subaru provides you several opportunities at your lease's end. You can either purchase or return the vehicle. Get your Subaru inspected, pay off all unpaid dues like excess wear and use charges, and visit us here at Schaller Subaru to either swap out your ride for another one or begin the process of making it your own.

For all other questions you may have or to begin the process of leasing a new Subaru, pay our financing department a visit here in Berlin.