Car purchases easy rank among your more grandiose investments--sandwiched between houses and college educations--and like any major investment, you want to insure you're getting your money's worth. So you do your research, find a reliable model and take the plunge, but are you caring for your car the way you should? Are you taking the proper steps to insure 200,000 plus miles of longevity?

You may think car washes and detailing; your car thinks oil changes, tire rotations and battery replacements. The health of your car's equipment determines how well it will run, even with a reliable brand like Subaru. Look, listen and take the proper steps to maintain these proper components

And when the time comes for an oil change, battery replacement, tire rotation or brake inspection, look no further than Schaller Subaru in Berlin. Located right around the corner from our favorite Hartford, Watertown, Canton, Vernon and Wallingford drivers, our well-seasoned service center specialists know the ins and outs of your car and are committed to getting the job done both time- and cost-effectively. So check out our current service specials and make the drive over to see us today.

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