Caring for your vehicle in the winter takes on a whole new meaning. With more risks on the open road, such as icy conditions and shifting snow, keeping your Subaru model on top of its game becomes paramount and something you can’t put off any longer. To ensure your vehicle is set up for success, both this holiday season and for the foreseeable future, it’s important to keep a watchful eye out and address any potential problem before it turns into something substantial.

Here at Schaller Subaru, we’re happy to provide helpful advice on ways you can care for the Subaru Outback or Legacy that you get a lot of joy out of driving. Our first tip is to always look at different components in your vehicle for wear, leaks, tears, cracks or any type of noticeable damage. This includes belts, hoses, air filters, batteries and tires. These parts, along with wipers, washers, horns and lights, take a very short amount of time to inspect but can make all of the difference to be well aware about.

Another important area to monitor this winter is the respective fluid levels in your vehicle. If coolant, oil or brake fluid is in need of a replenishing, it’s critical to get that taken care of so no damage in your Subaru model is accrued.

Ready to learn more about caring for the vehicle that you drive? Come check out our factory-trained professionals work in person in our Subaru service center after scheduling a maintenance appointment. Our team would be glad to dish on some other helpful pointers to keep in mind.

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